17 Hyper-Specific Business Ideas Ready for Stealing

Here are 17 ideas I’ve had in my phone for the last four years. I hope someone has the time to make one or more of them happen.

Apply the “gig economy” concept to salespeople. Airbnb for business development. People can outsource themselves (time and passion) to sell a product or service they care about at an event, online, etc.
Start an ebook writing company. Get a 30,000-word book written about your life in two months. Have a fictional, comedic short story written about your life. Fill out a form, answer some questions, and then receive an ebook or actual book and a link for anyone to order it. Cost $999.
Invent a to-do list timer clock like a chess clock. It shows the next thing on your list and counts until you hit it for the next task, starting a new timer. Bluetooth, so it integrates with Harvest or other time-tracking project management software.

The Yell Cone. Studies show yelling released endorphins into your brain stream reducing stress and increasing happiness. This cone mutes even the loudest scream. For podcasters, warm up your voice and sound great or just de-stress. Release your primal scream, silently.
Start a blogcast company, a service that records blog posts into audio. For people on the go, they can’t always read good content. By recording content into audio, you can give commuters the chance to learn on the move.

Happiness test. Make a test that asks you questions in the various areas of life, such as: emotionally, spiritually, professionally, relationally, physically. By reading the seven questions, the user is left with a final average out of 10 that indicates their overall happiness level on a scale from 1 to 10.
QR Code Killer. An app that takes a picture of a number (i.e., a highway billboard) and reads the phone number and calls. Solves the problem of trying to read phone numbers on the go (real estate sign).

Descriptology.com. A site that logs creative descriptions of common things writers encounter. For example, describe the taste of butter, or describe a beautiful woman’s face, or that feeling when of a feather tickles your palm. The entries would be super in-depth, with analogies, metaphors, and outside-the-box descriptions.
A t-shirt that says: “Down For Some Pickup.” People wear it at the park so other people know to approach them to ask them to play sports.
A rating system for books like the NPAA for movies. For example, if you wish to avoid rated “R” movies, this would solve the problem of getting halfway into a book only to realize it’s rated “R” and not finishing it.

Outfit picker. A machine learning AI bot that makes fashion outfit purchase recommendations based on your Facebook or Instagram social profile.

An iPhone case that subtly doubles as a hand strengthener like Pro Grips.
An app integration that shows the weather live on your GPS route, like Waze but instead of traffic, it’s weather. Good for long trips.

Get your Myers Briggs personality tested by playing a first-person shooter video game. How it works: upload a minute of gameplay and fill out a short form, returns a personality assessment based on how you play the game. Actually, upload any first person shooter clip, it gets analyzed, and results are emailed to you.
Waterproof bluetooth earbuds – swimmers can listen to audiobooks and music as they swim laps.

OnlineSublime.com. A social network site based on poetry written to each other. Posts are only in rhymes, haikus, prose, etc.

Review Writers. A service that gives people the option to coordinate their friends into a group for free meals / products and the restaurant / store gets online reviews in return. The person who coordinates the deal gets paid, but would not write a review. Reviews would be honest with no guarantee of a good rating. A restaurant would only be guaranteed a certain quantity of reviews.
Happy to elaborate on any of these. If you plan on taking action on one of them, I’d love to be looped in to help.

Thoughts on idea stealing
You shouldn’t be afraid of people stealing your ideas if they’re just thoughts in your head. You should be afraid of people purloining your IP, business plan, slide deck, or people. But if they’re just ideas, I wouldn’t be too worried. Derek Sivers gives perhaps the best explanation of the relationship between ideas and execution: Ideas are just multipliers of execution.

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