7 Tips to Add Value to Your Clients

One of the biggest questions the most successful real estate professionals constantly ask themselves is “How can I add more value to my clients than the competition?” It is not myth that when it comes to buying real estate, people want to get the most out of their representative as possible. So, here are 7 tips to help you stand out from the competition and become a more valuable asset to your clients.

o Always understand where the buyer is coming from: No matter if your client is a first time homebuyer or a veteran real estate investor, always remember that they are making a big investment. Since this will probably be the biggest investment they make in their lives, be sure to stand behind their decision and encourage them to become as informed as possible.

oBe contact-friendly: Offer your clients as many different avenues as you can for them to contact you. That way, they can talk to you in a way that is most comfortable to them. In addition, make yourself open for clients as long as possible so they don’t feel pressured to contact you as specific times.

o Always stay informed: The real estate market is constantly changing, and that is something that makes your clients very nervous. Spend some time every day to inform yourself on your local real estate news and tell your clients about anything new that could affect them.

o Be honest: Remember, you are the professional in the group. Your clients are depending on you to help them out as much as possible in their investment. Win over their trust and appreciation by being honest about their decisions.

o Offer external assistance: While you are representing your clients as a real estate professional, see if you can help them out in any other ways as well. If you know of a good plumber or can get discounts for certain products or services, let your clients know about it. This will make them feel like you truly value them as clients.

o Don’t take shortcuts: While this can be very tempting to do in numerous situations, always do things right the first time for your clients. If they figure out that you are taking shortcuts and trying to find the easy way out of things, they will feel that you do not value them.

o Be the authority: In virtually every situation you come across with your clients, chances are they will have questions (even if they never ask them). As a real estate professional, not only should you be able to answer all their questions quickly and with confidence, but you should also encourage them to never be afraid to talk to you.

By John Vaughan

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