Acquiring Sales Leads for the Software Industry

Since the software industry is very large and quite popular these days, acquiring leads for the software business sector may seem to be quite the easy task. This may seem like a possibility when in fact approaching these leads may become quite difficult. Challenges are often faced when trying to contact or even approach these software leads.


For one thing, these software leads are certain individuals that have either middle or high levels of status within the software organization. Such status includes the position of being the head IT director of an organization or even the chief executive officer for the entire company.

Knowing these job designations, sales representatives and lead generation call center agents may find it a bit difficult to reach these prospects. For one thing, they first have to go through multiple levels of hierarchy within the software organization before they can actually speak with the person or persons in charge.

Another challenge that sales representatives face for when trying to contact software leads is that they should acquire a sufficient amount of knowledge and understanding, not only about their own products and services but also of their prospect’s as well. If in case the sales representative would not have the required amount of knowledge for their prospect’s organization then their credibility will be put into question.

Therefore it is very important for these agents to do intensive research about their leads before even starting to contact them. This is also one of the reasons as to why qualifying leads for the software industry takes a longer amount of time than most lead generation campaigns in other business sectors.

Challenges are often seen and felt by these representatives when searching and qualifying for software leads. If by any chance that the software company would find that these challenges are making it harder to achieve business growth, then they can always outsource their campaign for generating and qualifying leads to telemarketers.

Outsourcing towards telemarketers can let the software organization achieve a lot of benefits that they can take advantage of even when the campaign is still running. Let us take a look at some of those benefits.

• Increase on the company’s rate of income

• Spend more time on other important tasks

• Work – leisure time is now balanced

• Effective advertising throughout the industry

• Possibility of acquiring referrals is not far off

• Highly trained experts are able to cope up with meeting expectations

• Form a direct line of communication towards prospects

There is no right or wrong time for software companies to outsource their services for generating and qualifying leads. However, if they want to maintain their competitive edge over other software manufacturers and organizations then the earlier they are able to outsource the service the better.

By Andrew Brown

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