How to Leverage Your Business Performance – The Key Revenue and Profit Drivers

Businesses, public and private, large and small, global and local, are always seeking and struggling with researching and discovering new and improved methods of improving and accelerating marketplace performance.

Ask nearly any business person; entrepreneur, manager, chief executive or frontline manager, what they most want in their business and in today’s business climate and the answer you will hear most often will be that they want more customers/clients who provide them with higher, more frequent and more profitable business.

And that’s exactly what most of them spend the majority of their marketing time, money and effort on … acquiring new higher value customers and clients.

The help wanted ads and recruiting agencies are often searching for the best and the brightest business development representatives, sales representatives and sales leaders across all industries. Why? Because a first step at improving your marketplace results, is to have a highly motivated, well trained and energized sales force to represent you and your firm in the marketplace.

With a strong, vibrant sales organization in place, let’s at a look at the  Key business and profit drivers:

  1. The total numbers of leads per month by product.
  1. The conversion ratio for each product (leads to presentations to sales ratio).
  1. Your profit margins by product.
  1. Average revenue per sale per client.
  1. Frequency of sales per month, quarter or yearly.
  1. Lifetime value of a client to your business.
  1. Number of referrals per current client.

Each of the above drivers is extremely important individually, but when combined together represents a significant and powerful combination of activities that can yield explosive growth to any business.

By   Lauren   Lewin

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