How To Locate More Clients

If you are in sales, or if you own your own business, then you are keenly aware of how important it is to consistently generate more sales to keep your business afloat. Sales is what drives business and without them, you will quickly be overtaken by your competitors. Sales is a multi stage process, and depending on the complexity and cost of your product or service, moving from the first meet and greet to the final sale can last from anywhere from a few minutes to a few months.


Prospecting is an essential first step in gathering more potential customers. Without actively prospecting, your sales will quickly run dry. In this article, you’ll learn some basic things about prospecting, where to go, how to find them, and what approach to take. Once you mechanize this part of the sales process, you’ll begin to make a lot more sales.

Many people quickly burn out of sales because of all the rejection received during prospecting. However, when you prospect properly, you are simply finding out if people have a basic interest in your product or service. You’re not trying to close any deals or get any commitments just yet. All you are doing is sorting through large groups of people, and finding those that are interested in your product. When you approach it from this perspective, there really is no rejection, and no anxiety.

Now you’ve got the right attitude, where do you find these people? It depends on what kind of product or service you are selling, or whether you sell to the general public or are involved in business to business sales. For sales to the general public, you can try anything.

Many people like going to expos or shows on the weekends, such as home shows, travel shows, and car shows. These can be great places to find plenty of potential customers. One way is to rent a booth for the day, and have a drawing in which you give away something related to your product. That way you’ll get plenty of people that you know are somewhat interested in your product.

If you’re completely lost on how to find new clients, consider cold calling people from the phone book. This may sound a bit scary, but if you create a ten second description of your product, and then simply ask if they are interested in it or not, it won’t be so bad. You can also set up web sites related to your product, and collect emails from people who are interested.

Prospecting is a sure way to increase your sales. The more prospecting you do, the more customers you’ll discover. And this means you’ll make more money.

By   Daniel   Blare

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