How Your Belief in the Sale Will Either Make it Or Break It

Your customer can smell your attitude from a mile away. Even if you are selling in print with an advertising campaign, if you don’t believe that you will make the sale, or you don’t believe in your product, it will show through in your selling. By using Napoleon Hill’s rule of “definiteness of purpose” you can close the sale with ease and bring more customers into your business. Read on to find out how.

Definiteness of purpose is the act of telling the universe and your subconscious mind that you will succeed in a particular goal by a particular date. This is not just an act of “wishing” or “hoping” or “dreaming.” It is the act of programming your mind to believe that only one outcome is going to happen.

Your subconscious does not care if you succeed or fail. It works with just as much effort either way, so it is your job to make sure it is working in the right direction. People that convince themselves that they won’t make the sale end up “selling” their subconscious that they will lose, and that is exactly what happens.

As I just said, your subconscious does not care either way, so you need to create an atmosphere where you are only programming the positive outcome that you want, into your mind. Begin by writing out 3 sentences.

  1. What do you want? This needs to be specific as possible. For example, “I want $10,000 in new sales by Friday”
  1. What are you going to give in return for what you want? Everything in the universe has a price. Nothing is for free. It does not have to be a monetary value, it could be an amount of help you are going to provide for your clients.
  1. How do you plan to achieve this? What is your specific plan of attack in order to obtain your goal. This is not a business plan, just one or two specific sentences.

Read this out loud twice a day in the mirror, or in the car. Once in the morning and once before bed. Read them every day until you feel as if you already have what you are looking for. Read it until you are 100% convinced that it will happen no matter what. If you do this, there is no other option, but success.

By  Robert   Benson

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