Increase Sales by Getting Strangers Coming to You

When you were little weren’t you told, “Don’t talk to strangers?” Of course you were. The adults around you told you this to protect you from harm.


Now that you’re all grown up with far less reason to fear strangers you still don’t like approaching a complete stranger. And you don’t like complete strangers approaching you unless they follow the rules. You expect a stranger to be polite, respectful, and helpful. The instant a stranger asks you for something you’re strongly repelled unless there is obvious peril for the stranger if you don’t come to their rescue.

So here you are in sales and if you don’t get some strangers to buy from you you’re going to starve out of the business. The thought of calling or dropping in on a stranger paralyzes you. Are you done for?

No, there’s hope and an easy solution. Get strangers contacting you. All you have to do is follow the rules and add a couple other elements.

Open the connection by presenting a way to learn more about what you already know they want. You see this done all the time. An ad offers a free report. A letter directs you to a website to get a comparison chart, and many other examples. Even government agencies and hospitals use this easy technique to get strangers to contact them.

And you can too. The key is the information you offer has to specifically address what they’re most concerned about in relation to what they want, what they don’t want, or what they want solved. Once they’ve reached out to get this information you know they’re interested in your offer.

By requesting the information you’re offering they’re raising their hand and saying, “I’m a prospect for you.” Just like you wouldn’t ask a complete stranger to marry you the first time you met you can’t expect every prospect to be ready for an appointment. That’s ok. Simply plan out a natural progression to start a relationship with the prospect so they’re no longer a stranger and don’t feel like you’ve violated the stranger rules. Then help them progress step-by-step until they become a buyer.

By Andrew Brown

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