Leadership – How Are You Spending Your Time?

When it comes to money, the vast majority of leaders and managers will be able to give an excellent account of where they spent the budget they were allocated and what they delivered with that budget. On the other hand if you asked them how they were using their biggest limiting factor, time, how many would be able to give a clear answer?


In truth, very few of us ever take the time to accurately capture where we spend our time and what results we deliver from the time we have invested. So why should you bother anyway?

1. You might discover that your time utilization is a bit like a leaking water pipe. A lot is being lost but you are not quite sure why.

2. You might be struggling to achieve deadlines or rushing at the last minute to deliver because you are not investing your time wisely.

3. You might be having to continually work extra hours (usually unpaid) to get everything done.

Not taking care of how you spend your time is a bit like not bothering to take care of company money or company equipment.

Doing a time analysis is really easy to do and has a ton of benefits, for example:

1. You start to discover if you are spending your time on what is really important to your success as a leader.

2. You start to become much more conscious of the cost of doing certain things.

3. You find ways of adding more value to the organization without having to make more and more personal sacrifice.

Time is probably the biggest limiting factor for just about everyone. So what action could you take starting today to tackle the biggest limiting factor to you delivering results and achieving success?

By   Dominic   Mccarthy

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