Most Important Function of Any Sales Manager

Sales managers have a To Do List a mile long. And the best ones are out in front of customers as much as they possibly can be. That being said, there are two important functions for sales leaders.

  1. Putting the right people in front of the right customers.

Putting the right people in front of the right customers is a two part combination — hiring the right individuals and assigning or aligning them to the right part of the market.

Your territory assignments should be leveraged based on total opportunity and the sales reps’ capabilities; besides putting your best people on the most opportunistic patches, your customers should feel that the rep calling on them has a true affinity for them.

How can you be sure that you match the right sales reps with the right customers? By researching each prospect and reviewing the history of your sales reps; some reps will excel with specific types of customers while others will miss the ball every time. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each sales rep is a vital strategy towards focusing on which sales they can land and which sales are best left to others.

  1. Be a Zamboni.

At ice skating arenas or ice hockey arenas, the Zamboni is the machine that goes around and clears the ice and makes it smooth for the skaters. That’s what a good sales manager should be doing internally.

Look, every second of every hour of every day your sales team is either internally focused or externally focused. Which do you think drives revenues? That’s right. For every single call, email or meeting they have to deal with internally, that is one less call, email or meeting they can have externally — leaving them with more time to focus on sales success.

Clear the ice for your team so they can stay focused on the customer. As your sales teams are more externally focused you’ll discover fatter pipelines and stronger sales results.

And remember, being a Zamboni is also about making sure that your team has the skills they need to land the sales. Are your training materials up-to-date, when was the last time you scheduled customized sales training workshops or seminars for the team?

In today’s fast past world, it pays to keep up with the latest information and technology which can help you and your team to maximize time management and enhance current sales strategies and sales success.

By  John Hester

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