Selling Your Services – What You Must Share to Get Clients

There is a very basic yet critical thing you probably aren’t even aware of that makes or breaks your chances for earning a client. When you violate this there is no way the other person will ever work with you. Given the importance of this critical thing there’s no question you need to be fully aware of it.

Not only do you need to be fully aware you need to be careful about how you use it. What is this critical yet basic thing that you must share with potential clients you ask? The answer is values and beliefs.

I’m not suggesting you can only work with people who think just like you. What I am suggesting is that when you do or say things that don’t fit with the values and beliefs your potential clients hold you create an immediate disconnect. Everything you say or do after that is irrelevant.

Let’s use an easy example to demonstrate what I mean. Anything to do with insurance makes a good example because most people hold very strong beliefs about the value of insurance. This is especially true when talking about life insurance.

Now some people believe all insurance is nothing more than legalized steeling. These people would never buyer any form of life insurance. Others would agree you need at least some life insurance and they may perceive either term or permanent life insurance as the best option.

If you contacted someone and made the statement, “As we all know everyone needs life insurance” what would happen? The anti-life insurance people would immediately disagree and do their dead-level best to get rid of you. What you said contradicted their beliefs.

Oddly enough, even when someone proves your beliefs incorrect you will still argue and act in accordance with your beliefs. So there is no way you can argue, cajole, or convince a person who does not believe in life insurance they need life insurance.

That’s because you tried to take on their belief head-on. That’s not only a very bad idea it’s an approach that will never work. And that’s a shame because you could have approached it differently and earned their business.

Imagine you approached that same person and this time you stated, “The Department of Labor just released a report indicating unemployment doesn’t look good for the remainder of the year.” That statement represents a fact from a reliable source.

The other person might believe the bureaucrats are right or wrong either way you can find out their belief without challenging their belief.

You can find out how this information is impacting them. You might ask what they are doing to protect themselves in the event unemployment impacts them. You could find out if protecting themselves from unemployment and the consequences of unemployment is important to them.

Bottom line you can help them come to a shared belief and uncover a perceived value before a specific solution is ever mentioned. When you approach it that way you can share beliefs and values without violating them. That way you can come to a mutual agreement of benefit.

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