Teams – 5 Major Contributors to Successful Teams

If you have ever been part of a successful team, you will probably recall just how good it felt. You might even have had the view that anything was possible and no matter the size of the challenge you could conquer it. If so, chances are all of the following 5 major contributors were in existence.

Contributor 1: Common goal

Business teams just like a soccer or football team need to have a common goal that they are seeking to achieve. In the soccer or football team team it might be to win the game, the championship or the cup. In business it might be to deliver a specific level of sales growth, profits or customer satisfaction. Make sure the team has a common goal if you want success.

Contributor 2: Use time well

Everyone is having to work smarter. Part of working smarter is making best use of the time that you have available. Successful teams look to achieve what they have to in the shortest possible time without compromising the results they get.

Contributor 3: Mutual support

We all have days when we are really at our peak and others when we are a little off the pace. In a team it is unlikely that all of the individual peaks and troughs will occur at the same time for each team member. Therefore, they can provide the vital mutual support for each other through the highs and lows

Contributor 4: Adaptability

While it is always good to have a plan, teams that succeed recognise the importance of being adaptable. Circumstances change, new requirements arise which require a degree of flexibility and adaptability to respond successfully.

Contributor 5: Constructive criticism

Whenever you have a group or team working together with different personalities and styles, there is always going to be an element of tension and conflict. Successful teams understand this. On the other hand they don’t seek to stop conflict but focus on how they can use criticism constructively to achieve more.

Bottom Line – Team success does not happen by chance. It relies on creating the conditions and building the foundations for success. So what would help your teams achieve more success?

By     John   Vaughan

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