The Free Offer Method In Internet Marketing

Want to know the best way to start making your online business productive and start earning the sales that you are looking for in your business? Well, the solution is simple: Offer something for free. When you create a free offer and make it available to everyone who visits your website, you will get a lot of subscribers who will take you up on your free offer, and will stick around to see the kind of high quality content that you have to offer in your email newsletter.

Offering something for free is a technique that is still popular till this day. Even people running commercials and magazine ads offer things for free to get as many subscribers as possible to market to. And if the freebie is good, the prospects that they do generate will more than likely be good candidates for the product that they have to sell.

If you’ve never thought about offering something for free, then you should seriously consider it. This is a very effective strategy that million dollar online business owners still use in their business today. It just works! Sure you can send people directly to your sales letter page (which is fine, provided that your price is understandable). But if you’re offering a high ticket item ($100 – $500)… then it’s in your best interest to generate a lead.

Now when offering your free item on your website, it has to be good. It doesn’t have to be 100 pages long. It can be 20 pages long and offer more high quality information than 2,000 page courses. And I’m serious about this! So don’t automatically assume that you have to write a long book to be viewed as an expert in your niche.

Make sure your free offer has information on how to solve a problem that your prospect has, or how to attain a goal that they are looking to achieve. This is a very simple online marketing technique, and I think it’s something that you should consider using in your business if you want to see the sales and profits that you dream of.

As you can see, the “free offer” method is much better than brand advertising or trying to “get your name out there”. You don’t want to market your online business on the premise of “exposure”. You want to market your online business on the premise of immediate results. Having a free offer and a lot of traffic will get you all the immediate results than you can possibly handle.

This is the best way to protect your business from failure, and is the best way to start earning money right away. If you sell a $7 eBook, lead people straight to your sales letter page. If you sell a $700 product, generate a lead – it’s just that simple. And honestly… why would you want to sell a $7 product in the first place? It would take you 30 sales (1 sale a day) just to make $200!!! This is insane! But I’ll reserve that rant for another day.

Hopefully you’ve found some good information here in today’s lesson because you can definitely use them to make money simply and easily online. Be sure to put them to use in your online business now.

By Andrew Adamson

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